yolaphoto-akt-001A series of male and female nudes.

First presented at the 2003 „Discovered – Veiled” exhibition in the Tygmont Club. Later shown in the Old Gallery ZPAF in Warsaw in 2005 and in the Art Gallery in Hunedoara, Romania, in 2006.

Individual sections also appeared in collective exhibittions in Czechoslovakia, France, Finland, Poland, Sweden and Hungary.

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9 and …..


yolaphoto-9i-001The ” 9 and ……” project is a series of images of a pregnant ballet dancer, taken during 2004 and 2005. The subject was Anna Lipczyk , soloist dancer with the Grand Theatre in Warsaw. I wanted to capture the changes experienced in this time by a particular woman, by women artists for whom the body is a working tool. The time is a difficult one, with choices between the arts of dance and motherhood.

The initial exhibition was held in the Old Gallery ZPAF in Warsaw, in March 2005. Further presentations followed in 2005 to 2007 – the UNA gallery in Budapest, The Polish Institute also in Budapest, Gallery Pakamera in Suwalki, north-eastern Poland, and the Gallery of Modern Art in Wloclawek and in Pruszkow, both in central Poland. In 2012 the project was displayed again, being featured in the Gallery at the Castle Museum of Bielsko-Biala in southern Poland.

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wystawa 366366 – A personal view of time

366 photographs, 366 images captured in 366 days
One day, one choice.

Sometimes the passage of time flows unnoticed.

This is a selection from the excess of sensations we experience – choosing from the glut of visual chaos.

It’s a very personal record, a focus on private spaces, retail life, emotions and visual euphoria rather than a simple documentation of social events, journeys or changes made. A taste of everyday life which we all see yet often don’t notice. Notice, don’t just see, the purpose behind the project.

The project was made from 29 October 2007 to 28 October 2008.

The exhibition formed part of the project „See, Feel, Leave” by The Female Collective , at the „Re-Visions 08,  Festival of Independent Art” at StudYO, Warsaw 2008

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Fifty two photos and captions illustrating the fifty two weeks of 2009, taken for their aesthetic, documentary or simply personal reasons. Some of the images were planned and considered, others spontaneously capturing a fleeting moment.

The captions were phrases heard, read or spoken by the artist not composed for the photos yet when applied as caption they make the perfect complement. Taken together with the captions, the images are seen in a new light, acquire different significances.

Words in themselves are inert, lifeless. They emerge into existence when placed in context, in a situation that offers meaning, gives them purpose.

The project was a collaborative production with Vika Blick, each artist having their own interpretation.

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52 [2010]


This work is a continuation of 52 [2009], capturing my own 2010.

One week, one photo, one caption.

The photographs were taken at random rather than being planned.

Sentences were overheard or read, stumbled across, not originally intended for the images they were destined to complement. Together, both visual and literary win fresh meaning through becoming part of a new whole.

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yolaphoto-aktoportret-001A series of twelve nude self-portraits – a particularly difficult, intimate form of self-expression. The practical aspect: the images taken by time delay, with the camera beyond reach. The photographer is her own model. The art is in model, photographer and viewer learning about each other along this perfect, intimate path.

The exhibition was presented in 2009 at Warsaw’s Fifth Festival of Artistic Photography at the Green Gallery.

In the same year, the collection also formed part of the 'Elementary Particles’ project in the Festival of Independent Art Re-visions, also in Warsaw.

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Warsaw – heART – Luxembourg


info1Luxembourg as seen by a Pole / Warsaw in the eyes of a Luxembourgian – An outdoor exhibition of photographs by Yola Zuchniewicz and Eve Flammang-Deda.

Yola spent six months in Luxembourg, the capital city of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Eve has lived in Warsaw, capital of Poland, since 2012.

The event was organised with the support of the Embassy of Luxembourg in Warsaw, June to July 2013.

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